Eight SGS students to represent DRET All Stars!

Yesterday students from accross all of the DRET secondary academies were waiting with bated breath for news of success from the recent All Star Trials.

The ‘All Stars’ is a programme run by DRET in many sports and is a team made up of the most talented sporting players from across the whole trust.

On the day of trials, students from across the trust competed for a place in the All Stars team of their chosen sport. Those who are successful have the opportunity to play fixtures against County teams, professional clubs and other academy trusts, alongside being provided with top class coaching and a sports tour.

Trials were held last week at South Kesteven Rugby Club and Charnwood College, Loughborough. Skegness Grammar School had 20 representatives at the trials from years 7, 8 and 9 accross three sports; Netball, Football and Rugby. Of the 20 representatives SGS had eight students selected to represent the trust - a fantastic achievement.

From Rugby: Kobe Oakes, Harry Tagg and Rocco Toombes (Year 8). From Football: Jamie Potts and George Hotchen (Year 9). From Netball: Alisha Beall, Tarne Cooper (Year 8) and Abbie Sands (Year 9).

Everybody at the school would like to extend their congratulations to all of those successful at last weeks trials and wish them luck going forward in representing the David Ross Education Trust.