End of Year Netball Report

Netball is another SGS favourite and something that traditionally we are fairly strong at as a school in the local area and across our trust competitions. As with football as the summer timetable comes in and we leave the poor weather behind the netball at school slows a little. Throughout the year we celebrated a Y8 Winter Cup victory. The U13 team reaching the second round of the National Netball Cup, Y7 and Y9 finished 2nd in the Coastal and Wolds league and we have seen a fantastic progression with our Satellite Club, Seasiders Junior Netball Club with more and more of our students playing outside of school and more of the youngsters at the club looking forward to joining SGS in the years to come.


We have great progression from our netball teams as this year SGS has entered an U19 netball team into the local adult league with many of our students in Y9 upwards gaining an extra level of competition outside of school and giving students that leave us an outlet into the game. They have held their own in the league this year making a late push for the top places in that league.



Another of the highlights of our netball season is the Shrewsbury Netball Tour. Along with the football teams three teams of girls in Y7-Y9 made the trip to Shrewsbury to compete against other schools and netball clubs for the trophy. They also had the chance over the weekend to complete many outdoor adventure activities in the sunshine. SGS ended the weekend with runners up medals and a trophy and all had a fantastic time.




As we go into the new year ready to throw ourselves wholeheartedly at another season of netball mentions must go to this  years, Players of the year: Lola Eastwood, Tarne Cooper, Jess Wattam, Elland Elliot, Bunty Blanshard and Hannah Patrick.