SGS students celebrate GCSE results

Year 11 students at Skegness Grammar School, part of the David Ross Education Trust, celebrated their academic achievements when they opened their long-awaited GCSE results today.


Skegness Grammar School saw some impressive grades, particularly in English and Maths with almost 100% of students achieving the new GCSE measure of 9 – 4 across each subject.


In addition, there were some outstanding performances in Physics and Biology, where almost half of students achieved an A* or A grade. Other notable subjects were Further Maths and Art, in which students excelled.


Heather Scott, Principal at Skegness Grammar School, said: “These results are a testament to the hard work and dedication of our students. It is wonderful to see them achieve their aspirations and we believe that they will all go on to achieve their future goals.


“For example, a student that we are particularly proud of is Lucas Gartshore who swept the board with the very best grades in every subject he took. This included the new Grade 9 in English Language, English Literature and Maths as well as seven A*s. This is a phenomenal achievement.”




After receiving his GCSE grades, Lucas Gartshore said: “I am overwhelmed with these results. It seems that all of the hard work and effort has paid off, as my grades are better than I could have ever imagined. I am looking forward to completing my A levels in Maths, Further Maths and Chemistry at Skegness Grammar School.”


Shiu Chung (Simpson) Tam,a boarder at Skegness Grammar School,was also celebrating after receiving his results. Shiu, who speaks English as a second language, achieved a Grade 9 in Maths, a Grade 7 in both English Language and English Literature, along with seven A*s and two As.


Another happy student was India Machin, who secured a Grade 7 in both English Literature and Maths, along with four A*s and two As. She said: “I am thrilled with these results and relieved that the wait is over.”


Other top performers included Jake Wattam and Thomas Webster, who both achieved a set of impressive GCSE grades.


Jake, who achieved a Grade 9 in Maths, a Grade 6 in both English Language and English Literature, along with three A*s and four As, will join Skegness Grammar School’s Sixth Form to study Maths, Biology and Chemistry. He commented: “I am over the moon with these results. My grades mean that I have the opportunity to continue my studies at Skegness Grammar School and hopefully go on to university to study Medicine.”


Thomas, who achieved three A*s in French, German and History, will also join the school’s Sixth Form to study Maths, Further Maths and Physics. He said: “I am very happy with my performance. All the extra revision for History was worth it, as my results are much better than I expected.”




As part of the David Ross Education Trust, Skegness Grammar Schoolis committed to delivering academic excellence. Students also benefit from the Trust’s pioneering enrichment programme, which provides an incredible range of inspirational learning experiences in sport, arts and music. Through an array of exciting opportunities, students are encouraged to develop their passions and discover their talents.


Rowena Hackwood, Chief Executive Officer at the David Ross Education Trust, said: “An education at one of our schools offers our students the very best experiences inside and outside of the classroom.  We are delighted for all of our students who are celebrating their well-deserved GCSE results, which will now open new doors for them academically or in the workplace.


We set high standards to create rich learning environments where all young people can achieve and excel, and it is incredibly rewarding to see all their hard work pay off.”