Students at Skegness Grammar School enjoy magical Harry Potter trip

A group of excited students from Skegness Grammar School, part of the David Ross Education Trust, enjoyed a magical day touring a Harry Potter movie studio exhibition.


Year 7 students visited the Making of Harry Potter Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London, where they had the opportunity to explore authentic sets from the popular film series.


As part of the visit, students were able to discover the extraordinary artistry, technology and talent that went into creating the world-famous Harry Potter movies. Students also benefitted from an exclusive workshop, where they had the chance to examine props used during filming.


Heather Scott, Principal at Skegness Grammar School, said: “This was an unforgettable opportunity for our students to explore the enchanting world of Harry Potter and find out more about the how the films were made.


“The look of sheer delight and amazement on their faces whilst exploring this magical world was a pleasure to see. It is this kind of incredible opportunity that students at Skegness Grammar School can expect as part of their education here.”




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