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Pupil Premium

The Pupil Premium (PP) was introduced to provide schools with targeted funding for those most in need of support. Through its use, the ultimate aim is to ‘Close the Gap’ between all young people so that success and achievement are not determined by background, and every child achieves to the best of their ability. 


Schools receive £935 for each (Years 7 to 11) pupil registered as eligible for free school meals at any point in the last 6 years. The school also receives £300 for each pupil registered for ‘Service Premium’ - designed to support children with parents serving in the regular British armed forces.


Our Ambition


SGS Ambition for Pupil Premium students


  • For pupil premium students to achieve academic outcomes on a par with their more advantaged peers.
  • For pupil premium students to achieve personal development, self-resilience and confidence on par with their more advantaged peers.


Desired outcomes for PP spending


  • To raise achievement of all PP students

  • To raise students aspirations

  • To increasing opportunities for PP students and ‘broaden’ students horizons by providing cultivated experiences and opportunities.

  • To increase students personal development

  • To increase parental engagement

  • To support the primary-secondary transition


Please download and read our Pupil Premium review for more details